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This Page was created by Joshua Rassi as a semester project for the course A460, "The Archaeology of Ethnicity in America", at Indiana University South Bend durring the Fall 2007 semester. The course instructor was Jay VanderVeen

The objectives of this course was to answer the questions:
  1. How is ethnicity defined and how is it used?
  2. What are the different experiences of ethnicities in America?
  3. What can archaeology add to, or subtract from, an ethnicity’s history?
  4. How can social scientists collaborate successfully with members of ethnic communities?
This page attempts to examine the contents of the diets of Native American tribes of the Great Lakes region, determine their nutritional fortitude, and compare it to diets that are considered "healthy" in our modern times. From this I hope to draw conclusions on the adequacy of the diets of pre-contact Native Americans in our own local region.